Rich White: Place, Space and Identity 3

Diary for the artists' project in Stoke-on-Trent.



Yesterday’s Drop-in Desk got off to a slow start but eventually picked up and we got some good responses.

Gemma Thomas being interviewed by Maffi at the Drop-in Desk.

We got some really good drawings of things people would like to see in the square:






We also got some interesting responses to the questionnaire:
- How do you feel about the statue of Josiah Wedgwood?
‘He sold us out, why should we honour him?’
‘Proud that he lead an industry that made Stoke-on-Trent famous.’
‘Not really spent time looking at it, but I think it’s not really attractive.’
‘It is a good monument of Stoke heritage, for people coming out of the station to immediately see.’
‘Great statue, perfectly reflects the contribution the man made to his industry, the canal, and local area.’

People generally seemed to feel that the square could be a nicer place if the traffic were less busy. It only seems to be used as a place to pass through on the way to the station or the hotel.

If you would like to take part please download the questionnaire here and post your answers in the comments section, and download my Winton Square Doodle sheets here, draw your ideas and then email images back to me. Be as wild as you like.

Below are some sketches I did while sitting at the Drop-in Desk.

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